Manufacturer Thermafiber, Inc
Since 1934
Origin USA
Product category Fire insulation material in Curtain wall / Facade system
Product brief Thermafiber life-safety fire containment systems protect perimeters by combining Thermafiber Firespan 90 insulation and Thermafiber Safing insulation designed in an assembly, compartmentalize fire and prevent from spreading from floor of origin up to the floor above.

Major apply for :
Perimeter Fire Containment Systems.
Building Insulation for Thermal and Acoustical Applications.
Fire Resistive Joint Systems.
Firestopping of Through Penetrations.

Specifications Thermafiber resists fire and temperatures in excess of 1093゚C while also providing sound control and energy

Thermafiber contains up to 90% recycled contect and it’s non-combustible,inorganic and mold-resistant.
Provide a vertical barrier to fire using Thermafiber Firespan 90 insulation in spandrel of curtain wall assemably, filling the slab-edge/curtain wall gap with Thermafiber safing insulation in one system and provide up to two hours fire protection

Façade/Curtainwall Insulation
Thermal insulation shall be inert, durable, rot and vermin proof, CFC and HCFC free, shall not support mould fungal or bacteria growth and provide the specified performance for the service life of the curtain wall. Due allowance shall be made for the reduce performance of insulation due to the effects of moisture and ageing.

Insulation shall be rock mineral wool Thermafiber Firespan90 having at 50mm (2.0 inch) minimum thickness. Minimum R value for insulation shall be 8.3. The insulation shall have an integralFSK reinforced aluminium foil backing factory applied to the insulation. The joints in the insulation shall not be taped. The insulation shall be butted tightly together at each joint. Insulation to be retained with wires to the backpan. The insulation shall have a UL rated flame spread less than 15, smoke developed 0, density of 128kg/m3 and a melt point in excess of 2000°F.

Where the insulation is placed behind the spandrel panel (in front of a back pan) maintain a minimum 25mm air space between the spandrel panel and the insulation. The insulation shall have full means to retain it in place.
Thermal insulation shall be installed so as to prevent the formation of condensation within the spandrel cavity. The subcontractor shall submit dew point calculations and diagrams to the Architect for approval.

Insulation shall be provided with retaining wires, impaling spikes or other suitable means to retain insulation in place.

Standards ASTM,UL,BS
Job reference Hong Kong International Exhibition Centre – HK International Airport (2006)
ICAC Headquarters at North Point (2007)
Kowloon Station (2008)
Atrium Hotel (2009)
Venetian Cotai;Parcel 2-Hotel & service apartment,Parcel 5&6 Macau (2008)