Cemac System-3 (H-profile; Grade 316 NORMBAU Stainless Steel)

Manufacturer Normbau
Since 1994
Origin Germany
Product category Toilet/ Shower Cubicle
Product brief German-made grade 316 stainless steel cubicle in recessed foot.
Specifications Cemac System-3 Cubicle (H-profile; Grade 316 Stainless Steel Version); 2000mm overall height, including 150mm floor clearance. Doors, division panel and pilaster are manufactured from 12mm thick solid grade decorative building panel with black core, based in thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fiber; resistance to impact, chemicals, scratch and wear. German-made ‘Normbau® Stainless Line’ Grade 316 stainless steel door hinges, knob pair, privacy thumbturn, fixing bracket, cubicle foot and coat hook. Headrail to be natural anodized aluminum in H-profile.
Standards No. 1.4401 (A4-AISI 316), brushed finish, German Institutes TUV and DIN
Job reference Stanley Complex (2006)
Stanley Waterfront (2007)
Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Park (2010)